The Contributors to the Cause traveling exhibition is currently available. It explores the ways in which Jewish philanthropists in America contributed to the formation of the United States, organized around charitable causes, established synagogues, built hospitals, improved the daily lives of working Americans, championed Israel, and forged the Soviet Jewry Movement and the future of Jewish philanthropy.

The exhibition is composed of panels and touch technology, and it includes more than 200 images. (Please see below for a sense of how the panels can be arranged.) For information on cost and how you can host this exhibition, please contact Miriam R. Haier, the Center’s Senior Manager for Communications and Publications: or 917-606-8209.


Contributors to the Cause was made possible through the generous support of The David Berg Foundation. This exhibition features material from the American Jewish Historical Society, one of the five partners of the Center for Jewish History.

Exhibition Curator: David P Rosenberg, Reference Services Research Coordinator, Center for Jewish History, with writing by Miriam R. Haier, Senior Manager for Communications and Publications, Center for Jewish History.

Physical exhibition designed by Pure + Applied.

Digitization provided by the staff of the Gruss Lipper Digital Laboratory, Center for Jewish History.

Special Thanks to Susan Malbin, Director of Library and Archives, American Jewish Historical Society and Abigail Berkson, Communications and Outreach Associate, Center for Jewish History.


Contributors to the Cause includes only a small portion of the material that is housed at the Center for Jewish History. The five partners’ archival collections span more than 700 years of history. To search the catalog, click here. To plan your visit to the Center’s New York home, click here.