tag: American Revolution

  • Soon after this colonial currency was issued, it depreciated by 100 times its original value due to inflation.


  • Provision order for a good side of beef, requested by William McIntosh and signed by Mordecai Sheftall.


  • Provision return for the Third Battalion of the Revolutionary Army, signed by John Peter Wagon and received of Sheftall Sheftall (son of Mordecai Sheftall).


  • Letter from Mordecai Sheftall to his wife, Francis.


  • During the Revolution, Colonel Mordecai Sheftall was captured by British Forces. This is an example of a report of Main Guard Prisoners and Prisoners on Parole.

    Late 18th century

  • Haym Salomon bank note signed by Francis Hopkinson, Treasurer of Loans.


  • List of goods sold to Haym Salomon.

    Late 18th century

  • Two bills of exchange (in French) that list Haym Salomon as a party.

    Late 18th century

  • Bill of exchange for $195 drawn by John Habersham in favor of Mr. Mordecai Sheftall on Mr. John Banks, Contractor for the Southern Army.


  • Eulogy of Haym Salomon handwritten in the family bible.

    Turn of the 19th century

  • Letter from General John Taylor to Bernard Judah, remembering Samual Judah’s generous support in the struggle for independence.


  • Dust jacket of the book Haym Salomon: Son of Liberty, published in New York.



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