tag: Rallies

  • Zionist rally.

    20th century

  • American Jewish Congress members at Soviet Jewry Solidarity Day.


  • Demonstration Speak out for Soviet Jews in Stern Grove, San Francisco.


  • Freedom Assembly for Soviet Jews in Washington, D.C.


  • Rally for Soviet Jewry in Washington, D.C.


  • Montefiore seniors participating in a vigil for Anatoly Sharansky in San Francisco.

    Late 20th century

  • Soviet Jewry Solidarity Sunday. Left to right: Morris Abram (Chairman of National Conference on Soviet Jewry), Ed Koch (former Mayor of New York City) and Anatoly Sharansky.

    Late 20th century

  • A bus being decorated with a Soviet Jewry Movement banner in Washington, D.C.

    Late 20th century

  • Simhat Torah demonstration in San Francisco.


  • National rabbinic leaders being arrested for demonstrating in front of the Soviet Embassy.



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